I spent a large part of my early childhood living in Africa, and then travelling there each holiday to visit my parents once I was despatched to school in the UK.

We lived in South Africa, Zambia and Ethiopia up until I was 21, also spending time in Swaziland and Djibouti. My father still lives in South Africa. It was an amazing time in my life, and I was very lucky to have experienced these different places and cultures so early on.

This experience has led me to be passionate about travel and exploring new places (even if just day to day off-the-beaten-track trips in the UK!)

Apart from Africa, I have also spent some wonderful days and months travelling in Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, America (only New York so far!), Dubai (highlight dune riding in 4 x 4’s!) and various places in Europe including France, Italy and Spain. So far!

And I ought to do a little shout out for Scotland, seeing as I was originally born there. One of my favourite places in Scotland is the Isle of Arran, it’s like a mini New Zealand; a hidden gem, where you can fish for mackerel off a boat, climb Goat Fell or go for numerous treks around the coastline watching out for seals and whales!

I hope to add up a few stories and memories of my times abroad, and those times yet to come…which we will share with our new baby girl.

Places I’d like to go next!

  • South America, Argentina in particular, wine!
  • Germany, Berlin, arty stuff
  • Finland or Norway, where I can try husky sledge driving!
  • Sweden, Stockholm, see the Northern Lights
  • Canada, log cabins, snow, more arty stuff
  • More time in France and Italy, perhaps a European camping / road trip
  • Japan, want to check out those crazy sleep pods!
  • Australia, Melbourne, more arty stuff
  • New Zealand again, to explore the North Island a bit more
  • Croatia, its beautiful coastline
  • Jamaica, for lots of rice and peas, and reggae!
  • Namibia, the dunes look amazing

3 thoughts on “Travel

  1. Hi susie, I saw your post on Lesley’s blog and thought you might some useful bits and bobs on my blog.
    My husband, baby and I are currently in Thailand, 3 months into a SE Asia backpacking adventure. We’re learning as we go along, but I’m hoping I can share my findings with others who want to travel with their baby.
    Good luck.
    Sue 🙂

    • Hi Sue, thanks for your lovely note! I bet you are having an amazing time in Thailand, all the more special with baby. We hope to go back soon so will need some tips. I will follow your blog so can keep up with your travels, and enjoy some vicarious memories! Have a great time, Susie

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