10 Great Books to Read!

I love reading; immersing myself in a good book, I can get obsessive.

I’m not one for just reading literary prize worthy books though, I do also enjoy dipping into everyday, entertaining books where you can suspend belief, dream a little and just relax.

For me, the mark of a great book, apart from well-written and engaging words, is the ability for it to surprise me, to marvel in clever observations and complex characters, to make me laugh out loud or simply to feel a sense of bereavement when it comes to an end.

I have lots of favourite books, including children’s books, but I list here ten that I have enjoyed reading more than once, with cracked spines to prove it!

I know, that’s 11 books, but there are just too many good ones.

I am currently reading the epic A Game of Thrones series. Fantasy is a totally new genre for me, and I admit I was a bit reluctant at first. But I am glued to the pages due to the sheer, entertaining fantasy of it all and the wonderfully complex cast of characters to love or hate! I only hope that George R.R. Martin writes the next book soon.

Do you have any recommendations for a great book? I don’t want to miss out!