As well as writing and eating cake, I also enjoy drawing and painting in my spare time!
Below is a selection of some paintings from one idea I developed from original sketches.


In 2002 I started a series of paintings which focused on the cat, and I have been producing these since for pleasure and the odd sale. These are based on hand drawn sketches, which I then transfer by hand drawing direct onto the canvas and use acrylics to create a simple, bold image. The following are the results of some of my sketches.

I have been lucky enough to sell a number of these paintings; they have proved popular with both adults and children! I currently have two large canvases in my daughter’s bedroom, which she loves to look at each bed time.

FigaroI have created these images on large canvases, but also as sets of small square canvases which work really well in threes, as the set below.

One of my cats in the home of a friend, below. Thanks for the photo Rosanna!

One of the original sketches.

(All images copyright SR Parker.)


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Ceri says:

    Suzie. How much for an A4 ish size canvas of one of your cats – but specifically a ginger tom, with the word Tigger written somewhere in the background. Mother in Law’s cat died recently so this would make a fab xmassy pressie and i think she’d really like your style. Let me kow and i can send a cheque if you fancy doing one or pay you when i see youover xmas? Big kiss to you all esp your little bunny Ceri xxxxxxxx

    1. Thanks very much Ceri! That’s really great and I would love to do ‘Tigger’. I have sent you a line with all the details. xxx

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