I love autumn!

I know it’s a farewell to summer, but it’s also a welcome to many wonderful things.

For me these things include the smell of bonfires; a crisp blue day kicking up leaves in a park; wrapping up in warm clothes and furry boots; cooking comforting winter meals like goulash and sausage & mash; and the anticipation of winter festivals like Halloween and Christmas.

My very favourite thing though is not strictly related to the outdoors, more of an excuse really. It is to sit in front of a roaring fire, to curl up on the sofa cradling some mulled wine and to sit suspended in that warm, peaceful moment.

Most of all autumn is about the trees. The amazing transformation of the leaves; from green to yellow, from gold to red. Until they fall to the ground creating a russet carpet for us to kick through.

There is a charming children’s song from the 1880’s which celebrates autumn:

“Come said the wind to
the leaves one day.
Come o’re the meadows
and we will play.
Put on your dresses
scarlet and gold.
For summer is gone
and the days grow cold.”

One of the best places to go, to witness the magical beauty of trees during autumn (apart from a quick trip to New England or Canada!), is Westonbirt Arboretum in England, UK.

I took the few photographs included here at Westonbirt back in November 2008. It was amazing, so many colours and textures, the trees putting on their best show of the year!

You can see more of these photos, captured in a special Blurb book I created as a Christmas present for family and friends that year. (Click here to take a peek!).

What do you think of autumn?


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  1. Fennelle says:

    So beautiful the text, the photos, the poem … Thank you! (And I loved the piece about your grandmother.) Sheeee is so talented. xo

    1. Thanks Fenelle! Is very encouraging, and much appreciated!! x

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