Sacred Temple Moggies of Thailand

On my first trip to the wonderful Thailand, I went a bit snap happy in my haste to capture significant images of Bangkok and Chiang Mai….even on the islands (despite serious distraction in the form of some heavy duty relaxation and a spot of nifty dancing on a wall in the rain with three handsome Israeli’s!)

At Wat Phra Kaew

However, my boyfriend (who has since been upgraded to husband) wasn’t very impressed with some of my lowlier lens subjects. But being rather fond of them I couldn’t resist. There were loads of them, slinking in and around the beautiful Thai wats.

So. This is my mini tribute to those temple cats, in all their moggy glory. And also to give some thought to all those currently affected by the floods in Thailand. I hope cats and people alike are all keeping dry!

At Doi Suthep. Sleep Busking?

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